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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What experience do you have in anesthesia billing?
A. E.F. White Medical has been established in 1990. Over the past 25 years we have served more than hundred physicians and processed thousands of claims. Our team has more than 39 years of combined experience.

Q. Who manages E.F. White Medical?
A. My name is Eva White, I am the company's CEO. With more than 17 years of experience as an operating scrub nurse assisting surgeons and 23 years of experience as a billing administrator supervising all billing procedures, I am renowned as one of the most respected and capable specialists in our field.

Q. What makes you better than other billing companies?
A. The main elements that sets our company above the competition are knowledge, experience and integrity. E.F. White Medical is one of the first companies who specialized in the field of billing services for anesthesiologists & CRNAs.

Q. What services do you offer anesthesiologists?
A. Our billing services include practice management & administration consulting, electronic filing & claims processing, patient billing, soft collections, medical transcriptions, detailed billing & accounting reports.

Q. What is your location and which area do you serve?
A. E. F. White Medical is located in McAllen, Texas. We provide billing services across the Rio Grande Valley region, and serve anesthesia providers all over Texas.

Q. I work in a hospital. Can I join your services?
A. Yes, you can. We serve anesthesiologists who own private practices, anesthesiologists who work in clinics and of course anesthesiologists who work in hospitals.

Q. What if I need some more information about your services.
A. We would be happy to answer your questions. Please contact us by using our contact form, or simply call us at (866) 311-4152.

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    We provide our physician and hospital accounts with the finest medical billing services available in the Rio Grande Valley.
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    Accurate medical coding, billing and collections are essential for the long term sustainability of a physician or hospital's financial well-being.
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    E.F. White Medical Business endorses and fosters a culture of compliance in all phases of the company's operations.