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About E.F. White Medical

E.F. White Medical has been established in 1990 as Medical Billing Associates to serve a single anesthesia professional association. From its inception, the company has successfully assembled its best in-class competence with a powerful business model, creating unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction and confidence.

Today, conveniently located in McAllen, Texas, we offer an integrated array of billing solutions for Anesthesiologists & CRNAs throughout the entire the Rio Grande Valley region. Our core objective is to help our clients focus on their medical practice, while constantly responding to the ongoing market, regulations and compliance changes.

Our expertise, knowledge and proven achievements have positioned E.F. White Medical as the dynamic undisputed leader in the anesthesia billing field. Our professional specialization spans over a wide range of medical billing services, serving over hundred physicians in private practices, clinics and hospitals.

As one of the fastest growing medical billing companies in Texas, E. F. White Medical has processed thousands of claims, providing our clients with a premier, full-service medical billing accounts management service. We develop and nurture long-term relationships with our physicians, working collaboratively to build value and boost performance.

We vow to continue our success. Our reputation reflects a strong market positioning and recognition, motivating our team to exceed expectations and constantly improve. Many forward-thinking clients are already using our services because they have identified our cutting edge advantages. Join them now!

In these times of change and market fluctuations it's essential to partner with a reliable and committed company that understands your unique business and professional environment. A company that can work with you closely to assure the alignment of your medical and billing objectives. A company like E.F. White Medical!

Our Client Profile

E.F. White's typical clients are either (i) a multi-physician hospital-based specialty practice with gross billings of 1 million dollars or more per year, or (ii) a hospital that outsources the billing for its clinics, professional fee component, or other business office support, or (iii) a large multi-specialty or specialty practice that is office based, has five or more physicians and gross billing of 1 million dollars or more per year.

Mission Statement

The mission of E.F. White Medical Business is to provide our physician and hospital accounts with the finest medical billing services available in the Rio Grande Valley. We seek to obtain for our clients the full and fair financial reimbursement to which they are legally entitled for services provided to patients, and we do this at all times with the highest levels of integrity, compliance and ethical standards.

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about us
about us
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    We provide our physician and hospital accounts with the finest medical billing services available in the Rio Grande Valley.
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    Accurate medical coding, billing and collections are essential for the long term sustainability of a physician or hospital's financial well-being.
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    E.F. White Medical Business endorses and fosters a culture of compliance in all phases of the company's operations.